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Giurista, Criminologo, Esperto di strategie di lotta alla criminalità organizzata e alla corruzione

Biography in english

Vincenzo Musacchio, Italian jurist, was born in Termoli (CB) on July 9, 1968.
President and scientific director Regional Antimafia Observatory of Molise.
Scientific director School of legality "don Peppe Diana" in Rome and Molise.
Professor of criminal Law and criminology in various Italian and foreign universities including the High School of Formation - Council Presidency in Rome (2011-2012).
Expert in organized crime and strategies to fight corruption.
Founder of the first school of legality in Italy entitled to don Giuseppe Diana.
Scientific activity begins in 1992, when it becomes professor of criminal law at the University of the studies of Molise and at only twenty-four years it holds the chair of administrative Criminal Law becoming the youngest contracted professor of Italy for that year.
He has taught subjects pertaining to the criminal law and criminology in Brescia, Naples, Chieti, Campobasso and lastly at the High School of Formation of the Presidency of the Council in Rome and held courses in foreign universities including the University of Seville and Barcelona, Argentina and Brazil.
From 1994 to 1996 he carried out research activities at the National Research Council (IRSIG-CNR) in Bologna under the direction of Prof. Giuseppe di Federico, dealing with comparative studies concerning organized crime in European and non-EU countries.
His teaching and research activities are mainly devoted to studies and insights on issues relating to substantive criminal law, organised crime, corruption and white-collar crime. Among the masters who influenced his thought are Giuliano Vassalli, Giuseppe Bettiol and Ettore Gallo.
He is a member of the Steering Committee and collaborates with Italian and foreign criminal journals, such as the Criminal Court (Giuffrè), the Criminal law, criminal justice, Italian jurisprudence (Utet), police journal, the right of persons and Family (Giuffrè), Law of Merit (Giuffrè) and abroad with the New Journal of European Criminal Law (Belgium), the magazine General de Derecho Penale (Spain), German Law Journal (Germany), the Arbor (France), Ciencias Penalis Conteporaneas (Argentina), magazine Instituto Brasileiro de Ciencias Criminais (Brazil).
He has collaborated with the Encyclopaedia of Law (Giuffrè) and the Digest of criminal law disciplines (Utet).
He participated in 2005, the only Italian penalist, at the XVII Latin American Congress of Criminal Law and criminology organized by the Faculty of Law of the University of Guayaquil, in Ecuador on the issues of the effectiveness of punishment in modern criminal law .
He has been a contributor to the Council of the European Union on organised crime and trafficking in human beings.
He has collaborated with the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences at an international project on the relations between economy and organised crime in the European Union (IBCCRIM).
He has collaborated on a project on corruption with the Spanish government and the University of Seville, coordinating the sector concerning prevention and repression systems.
He is enrolled in the Council of Europe experts ' Register of Criminal matters.
He is associated with the Rutgers Institute on Anti-Corruption Studies (RIACS) in New York, mainly dealing with systems to fight corruption in the public administration.
For over twenty years he has been a promoter and activist in spreading the culture of legality in schools of every order and degree. "The Prof. Vincenzo Musacchio – Maria Falcone writes – carries out a meritorious activity in Italian schools, making sure that men who have offered their lives for the law are not forgotten. "
He began his activity of fighting the mafia when he met Antonino Calvert and with him organized various meetings in Italian schools.
As a columnist, Prof. Musacchio has collaborated with Il Sole 24 ore, Italia Oggi and currently collaborates with the historic newspaper Palermo "L'Ora", with the monthly "I Siciliani" founded by Pippo Fava, with the online newspaper "Resto al Sud", with the national magazine "Il Garantista", with the "La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno" with " Il Manifesto ", with" Il Dubbio ", with"La Stampa".
On March 1, 2015, in the Sunday edition, the "ORA" of Palermo publishes an unpublished letter by Giovanni Falcone addressed to Professor Vincenzo Musacchio and taken up by the main national newspapers.
In 2014 with the school of legality "don Peppe Diana" based in Rome and Molise realizes the project "Legalità Bene Comune" that in the same year extends to the national level in schools of every order and degree with prominent names such as Pino Arlacchi , Maria Falcone, Emilio Diana, Elena Fava, Salvatore Borsellino, Simona from the church and many other activists in the fight against the mafias of Italy.
In its activity against the mafias and for the legality, it also suffers death threats to itself and its family members but continues without fear its work and its activity of spreading the legality in all the schools of Italy.
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